3 Things That Make A Person Shine At Work In 2016


The world in 2016 is rapidly shifting and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. The world of work is no different. With new challenges and new tools replacing old challenges and increasingly forgotten tools, how can you shine? What can you do to set yourself apart in the workplace? Well, the advice in this article is probably a lot different than the advice you would have received ten years ago.

How can you shine at work in 2016? Here are three ways:

Social Media Proficiency

Social media is something that has suddenly appeared in our lives. It has become so integral to so many of us that we can hardly imagine a life before it! Social media is still quite young.  It has only been around for approximately 10 years or so. However, young people appear to be very confident with it because many of them will soon have ‘grown up’ with it. Older generations, however, may not be so well versed on social media. Not only are they not familiar, for some social media and how its works seems like a totally alien concept! As a result, if you can offer social media proficiency to employers, you will stand out. The best way to learn how to use social media is to sign up to each of the major sites and learn how to use them and how they differ from each other. So take a look at Facebook and Twitter, and then also Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram. They are currently the big 5, but this could change again in as little as a year’s time! Being proficient today is important, but what will really make you shine is if you continue to keep on top of things. Don’t let new functions or trends pass you by. Be the first to know about them, and the first to tell your boss or manager how they can benefit your company.

A Second or Third Language

School curriculums have changed in recent years. One thing that has been sacrificed at many schools is learning a compulsory second language. Sometimes, even when it is taught, students can forget the language after just three years! As a result, workplaces in many countries are beginning to be flooded with applicants that don’t speak more than their own Mother Tongue. As a result, if you do have more than one language, you will stand out. When you are applying for jobs, this additional skill will put you one step ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, if you are already in a position, it may put you first in line for a promotion (and/or pay rise!) You should also give careful thought to which language you learn. If English isn’t your first language, learning this will help you out in a number of industries. Tourism, business, banking… each of these value the English language as it is the common recognized business language. AJ Hoge’s English speaking course doesn’t just teach you the words; it teaches you how to speak them like a native would. Having natural speech will help you to stand out more. Look at the job market in your area and see what languages are high in demand.

A Great Spirit

Life is challenging. The news can be depressing, the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes, the weight of everything affects us as human beings.  As a result, people can become more stressed, miserable and downtrodden. It is common for people to take this attitude into work with them. Be different and be positive. Be mindful of yourself and what is going on around you. Being positive doesn’t mean that you are not realistic. It is an overall attitude of seeing opportunities and solutions when faced with something challenging, while others may only see and get stuck on the problem. Your employers and colleagues will appreciate your attitude, and you will stand out and shine.

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