Reducing Your Chances Of Redundancy – Staying Employable


One of the worst fears of the average business man or woman is unemployment. There always seems to be news of major lay offs. We’re all scared that one day we’ll walk into work, and we’ll be called into the boss’s office. A few words of explanation and a few more of reassurance after which we will be facing redundancy. This type of situation can be a person’s worst nightmare – the thought of being caught off guard and suddenly without a job. You’ll begin to think about all the financial commitments that you have – credit bills, mortgage payments, etc. Either way, it’s a situation that you obviously want to avoid or be as prepared for as possible. Here’s my advice on making sure that you are always employable.

Keep Your Eye On The Market

Most people don’t bother looking for other opportunities while they are happy in their current job. But the fact is that this is the best time to be searching for other possibilities. You should look when you don’t need it and then you’ll know about possibilities when you do. Make sure that you have a brilliant cover letter and CV ready to go. Keep both up to date. It’s possible that the job opportunities might be gone by the time that you need them. But at the very least you’ll have a fresh understanding of the state of the current job market. That’s never a bad thing. And if a really great opportunity does come up, it never hurts to look into it, even if you are happy where you are.

Get All The Training You Can

When you think about what makes you more employable, training should be at the top of the list. Better training will mean that you have the skills that make you more employable. That’s why you should always accept those training offers when they arise in your current role. It could be a course in office safety, or it may be specific to your current role. Either way, it will make being let go by your current employer less likely. It will also make you a more attractive hire for future employers. Enhancing your current skills is crucial. Learn why by looking at information given by training services online.

If your current employer does not offer training there are many options to improve yourself; from taking courses at local colleges, to online courses, MOOCs, to even reading more will all help. Never stop learning.

Keep Things On The Backburner

During the early stages of your career, you will more than likely only have one permanent job. But you may also want to consider having things on the backburner that add to your income. For instance, one possibility is to run an online blog in your spare time. This can quickly become an online asset that has the potential to make you a some money. Particularly, if you have a unique voice that people are interested in hearing from. Having a blog can also help you with your job search as it can show your level of expertise in a certain field.

Boost Your Acquired Skills

Finally, it can be difficult to stay productive and motivated when you are unemployed. But you should try as it could lead to a fantastic job opportunity. For instance, you may want to think about learning a second (or even a third) language.Learning a second language can open up job opportunities that are located in other places around the world. Having a bilingual employee is always an advantage for a business owner. Particularly, when the world has become much smaller and many businesses don’t just rely on local markets anymore.

Keep your options open and your chances of being redundant for long periods will be greatly reduced.


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