How to make the most out of Pinterest for business


How to make the most out of Pinterest for business

Pinterest is one of those social media giants in the making. If you think it’s nothing else than a simple mood board creator targeting mostly female audiences, you might be losing some great marketing opportunities. Not many brands know how to make the most out of their presence on Pinterest, so here are 8 tips to guide in you in engaging the Pinterest community and boosting your brand exposure online.

  1. Take full advantage of your web images

One thing Pinterest helps brands and content marketers to do is developing a compelling visual archive, with all web images stored on a publicly available and popular website. While some industries are more image-friendly than others, your brand might have a Pinterest potential you never expected.

Take a look at your brand imagery. Consider everything, even graphics from white papers, photos taken of your staff at the office, web pages, as well as charts and graphs. Tell the story of your brand through these images and you’ll create a strong visual presence on the web.

  1. Interact with people commenting your pins

Even if Pinterest is very casual, you should still take proper care of your interactions with commenters. Reach each person by addressing them by name and engage them in a conversation. This is something other users will see and notice. Your social media team should keep a close eye on Pinterest and respond to both comments and questions posted on your pins.

  1. Create a business page and enjoy access to analytics

Pinterest now offers a business page option and you should definitely use it to your advantage. Even though users see no difference between a regular and business page, you’ll get lots of valuable insight via the built-in analytics feature personal Pinterest pages don’t offer.

Convert your presence into a business page and you’ll see the number of repins, unique users visitng your boards, impressions of your page and your top content. Use these analytics to improve your tactics for this social network.

  1. Be strategic when naming your images

If you want your images to be found by users, you need to get a bit strategic about naming your pins. Make sure to use keywords. Choose hyphens in favor of underscores so search engines can accurately index the image. Instead of default file name like ‘DSC_001.jpg” go for something like;


  1. Boost SEO with Pinterest

How to make the most out of your Pinterest content for SEO? Optimize your images for search by choosing an optimized company user name, write good copy in your about section and include links to your website. Make sure to clearly differentiate your inboards and use the language of your customers.

Describe your pins using relevant keywords and ensure that all images you add have descriptive file names and alt text. Add hashtags when applicable and leverage the long tail searches. Finally, ‘pinjack’ relevant search terms and images. All this ensures that your pins are easy to find and include a reference to guide users to your website, seriously boosting your traffic.

  1. Use various types of content

How to use Pinterest and stand out from other brands? By providing users with lots of diversified content. Try formats like video, slideshows or audio. You can host such files on services like YouTube, Slideshare and SoundCloud. Pinterest allows you to easily collect all your marketing messaging in a single place.

  1. Benefit from Rich Pins

Rich Pins are a special type of pins that help to use the platform more efficiently. These pins feature extra information. Nowadays, you can choose between 6 different Rich Pin types:

  • Place pins – these pins allow users to create a map with content they share. Check off “Add a map” option when creating or editing a pinboard. Then add places to your pins, including details like addresses and phone numbers.
  • App pins – with this brand new addition to Pinterest you can share and download apps directly from the platform. Right now, this features works exclusively in the US and with iOS apps.
  • Article pins – perfect for sharing long written content, article pins will help you to automatically render the article’s headline, author and a story description, consequently making them far more searchable.
  • Product pins – these pins show where the product you’re pinning can be purchased, as well as its current price and direct link to the product page. All data is updated in real time, notifying users who pin this product to their board when its price drops.
  • Movie pins – these pins show more details about the movies users pin, including the year a film was released, the director, main stars of the film and many more.
  • Recipe pins – these recipe-specific pins show key information like ingredients and their amounts, as well as cooking times and serving info. Users can easily learn whether a recipe is vegetarian or vegan too.
  1. Interact with influencers

You’ll find influencers on every single social media platform and Pinterest is no exception. Entering into a mutually beneficial relationship with them can help you in spreading your brand on this network.

How to sway an influencer to your side? Follow them and repin their content that you like. Make thoughtful comments on their pins and interact with them. Soon enough, your brand will catch their attention and they’ll strive to learn more about you. If they like what they see, you two might enter into a fruitful relationship.

What are you waiting for? Set up an account on Pinterest right now and get ready to show the visual side of your brand. Follow these rules and you’ll be on your way to making the most out of your presence on this visual social network.

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