Why Your Business Should Be Running Apprenticeships


Although a huge part of modern business, a lot of people forget about apprenticeships. These offer countless people a route into the career of their dreams, and can offer a variety of advantages for any business. If you’ve ever considered running an apprenticeship at your business, I strongly recommend it! Here are just a handful of the great things apprenticeships can do for your business.

First of all, operating apprenticeships holds the promise of a loyal, dedicated workforce. The large majority of apprentices are young, and join companies straight after completing their education. When you bring in some of this bright, new talent, you have the opportunity to mold them, and guide them through the ranks. After a few years of taking on and training new apprentices, you’ll have people who know your firm inside and out at every level. If you think you have a problem with employee engagement, then apprenticeships could be your miracle cure. Your apprentices will be happy to get their foot in the door, and on their way towards their dream job. Taking on apprentices also shows a willingness to invest in the workforce, which can be good for the morale of all employees.

Hiring apprentices is also good for your company’s general productivity. This might sound a little strange, as all apprentices are basically learning on the job. As you can imagine, many of them need help from other employees during the course of their apprenticeship. However, studies on apprenticeships have shown that many of them increase productivity at all levels of the business. Apprentices themselves gain a lot from the programs. Most enjoy their experiences, and are grateful for the progress in their career. Electrical apprenticeships, for example, can help young professionals into a range of different positions. You may see a slight dip when you first start taking on apprentices, true. However, there’s a huge advantage of training skilled people using the exact format and model of your business. Make sure they’re treated right, and dozens will stay on.

Finally, apprenticeships are a sure-fire way to fill skill gaps at your company. The UK, U.S., and other developed states are still in the process of recovering from a huge job shortage. However, there are many companies which have a deficit of skilled people filling different positions. Employers across the world are being appealed to encourage and influence skills programs. This is aimed at plugging numerous gaps in the market. It’s fallen to business owners like you, because you know better than anyone what skills your business needs. When you take on apprentices, you’ll not only fill holes at your company, but teach the exact skills young professionals need to succeed. Most people think of apprenticeships as being linked to practical, manual jobs. However, there’s now apprenticeships in almost any area you can think of!

With these fantastic advantages, why wouldn’t you want to start an apprenticeship program at your business? Setting up will have its complications, and may mean more stress for you. Soon afterwards though, you’ll see the positive effects everywhere.

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