These Marketing Concepts Are Guaranteed To Make Waves


You would be surprised by how much of an impact the right marketing campaign can have on your business. I am not exaggerating when I say that the right marketing plan can make your business an online success. Or, it can make your company the one all the investors pick at your next trade show. It can also help to ensure that the grand opening day of your business is a tremendous success. You get the idea. Marketing and promotion is important and these days it’s the only way you’re going to come out on top against your competition. But to do that, you need to choose the right marketing concepts. These are the ones that will help make your business unique and stand out from the rest.

Content Marketing

If you are marketing online, there’s no better form of marketing than the using original content. I think that well written content that helps your audience is more influential than your typical form of SEO. Don’t forget with the good, original content, your search ranking will increase regardless of how many keywords are on your site. Particularly, if you can make sure that your content goes viral. The trick with content marketing is that it must connect with your audience and your target consumer. It has to be appealing to them and offer information or images that they will want to share online. To do this, you need to think about what your consumers want in relation to what you can offer them. For instance, you might be running an IT support business for companies. One of the biggest concerns of online businesses is security and the protection of their client data. If you can write content based on this idea and it provides solutions to a particular problem, they will be interested in it. If it’s attention grabbing they might even share it, and this is how content goes viral. But you can help spread the word too by sharing it yourself across social networks. Keep in mind when sharing on social media that it is not all about you – share other content, answer questions and be social.

Personalized Merchandise

Giving away personalized merch either at an event or online through your website is a fantastic form of promotion. It’s a marketing scheme that essentially pays for itself. Once people start using your merch they’ll be promoting your business without even thinking about it. You’ll be turning your customers into part of your promotional campaign. It’s important here not to spend a lot of money on the merch, though. Especially, if you are giving it away for free. It should be something small like erasers or pens, USB sticks or even digi-wipes that are used to clean smartphone screens . Pens tend to be the most popular freebie, but often you can’t fit your whole business message on a pen. One solution is to invest in banner pens. The small banner pulls out from the side of the pen and includes your business message for investors or customers to read.

Guerrilla Marketing

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Have you ever witnessed a guerilla marketing promotion event in action? A successful promotion garners both the interest of the target customer and the press. If you’re lucky, the event will go viral, and there will help to build excitement and buzz around your business. But at the very least it’s a brilliant way of getting customers to your shop doors.

There are plenty of ways to promote your business in 2016. But I think these three concepts will guarantee you grab the attention of consumers.

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