Common Pitfalls Of The Busy Business Owner


As a business owner, you will have a number of issues and concerns that take up most of your time. With all the different balls in the air, it’s only natural that you’re going to drop a few. The problem is that most business owners tend to disregard the same issues over and over.  This can lead to problems and stagnate growth. The common issues are security, costs and marketing. If you, as a business owner, have decided that these areas are not important to focus on, you could be making a massive mistake. Let me explain why.

Neglecting Security

Let’s start off with one of the most important issue that often gets neglected – security. Online security is becoming more and more important. It is one area that is complicated and very technical, so it is easy to think that cutting back and saving costs makes sense. Who would want to hack you and take your information, or even break into your physical premises if you are a small business anyway?  But if you neglect security, your business is vulnerable, both online or offline. Both are important when ensuring that your business is secure. It’s critical in this day and age that you are not vulnerable to either hackers or thieves. You might think that with the right insurance you can recover from a theft in your business. This may be the case, but your business reputation will be damaged. Imagine if all your client data is stolen from your company. Suddenly, you are receiving letters from clients and customers. They claim that their bank has told them that they were a victim of fraud and it was due to a transaction with your company. Do you think they’ll buy from you again? Even if you ensure them you have upgraded security; it’s unlikely. You need to take action to prevent an attack before it happens. Otherwise, the reputation of your business can been left vulnerable. Without a reputation, you’ll struggle to make any profits. To protect your business you need physical measures such as wireless outdoor security cameras and cyber software. You need to make sure your business is secure on both fronts.

Misunderstanding Costs

Most business owners think that they are handling their business costs quite well. But they may be surprised to learn that that’s not the case. They could end up with a better bottom line at the end of the day if they focus on the right cost cutting methods. For instance, a lot of small business owner think it is wise to cut costs by not hiring an accountant. While you will probably have to pay a lot in salary dollars to have an accountant on hand, to handle your business finances, the money that you could be saving overall could significantly outweigh this cost. Plus the peace of mind that a good accountant provides can be priceless, especially during tax season.

As a business owner, you must make sure you aren’t cutting costs in the wrong areas. Look at all areas of your business to see where efficiencies could be improved upon. Take a look at where you are spending money and the ROI that you get from it.

Marketing – Too Much or Too Little

Lastly, there are two pitfalls business owners fall into when promoting their company. Either, they spend too much money marketing their business to the wrong audience or on the wrong platform. Or, they don’t spend enough time marketing their company whatsoever. While most forms of marketing are not free, and all require time and effort, there are strategies that can provide more value for your business. You need to think carefully about the best promotion for your business. As well as this, remember marketing should be a constant force in your business.  You need to monitor and measure the results of all your campaigns and make changes where necessary. The bottom line is that you need to remind customers that you offer the best product or service on the market and can provide a solution to a problem that they are facing.


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  1. Super article – and thanks for including security. That is a topic that’s been around for a long time and sometimes seems like it’s part of the landscape. We need to be much more active in tending to security. It’s the hidden stuff that causes the most devastation.

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