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When people start a new business, they usually have big plans. They wish to become the next big sensation and hope to make a lot of money in the process. It is entirely possible for any entrepreneur to make their dreams a reality, but it is essential that it is built upon a good foundation and that the basics are in place. The best place for any young company to start is in their local area. This environment can provide a microcosm for projected future performance. Invaluable lessons can also be learned at the local level. Initially, it is infinitely wiser to experience the growing pains of a new venture on a small scale. Below are some points to think about, when getting information about your business out into your immediate surroundings.

Online Presence

In the age of the internet, businesses must ensure they use the vital resource that is online advertising. In short, promoting yourself online will open your business to all manner of customers that you may not have reached via other methods. Also, you may be surprised by the range of customer demographics that show interest in what your company offers. A well targeted online ad campaign could be just what you need. Such campaigns can be carried out and managed by web marketers such as YEAH! Local. A casual internet search on a related topic could end up triggering your ad on a popular website and secure a sale. Plus a lot of potential customers use their mobile devices now to do quick searches for products when they are out and about. It is important that your business shows in local search results.  If you are in business and not using the internet, you have to ask yourself why not. It is a quick and reliable way of getting your brand in front of consumers, so use it to it’s full potential.

Word of Mouth

When someone is pleased with something they have bought, whether goods or services, they like to tell people about it. People enjoy sharing information about a job well done with friends and family so they too can benefit. Customers will also leave reviews online and on social media and spread the word to their online networks.

But despite all of the advantages of the internet, there is one drawback. Not everyone uses it! This may be hard to believe, but there are still many people that don’t use the web for searching for products or shopping. There are different reasons why this is. Elderly people, for example, may not be as internet savvy as their younger counterparts. There are those who may have had bad experiences with online retail and have lost trust in the system. Whatever the reasons, word of mouth can be invaluable so make sure you offer the best product and service around, and the message will spread organically. Also, think about using events in your local area to boost awareness of what you do. This leads on to the next suggestion…

Local Publications

So you have set up an event or have a stall at a local expo, but does anybody know about you and your business? Hopefully, you will have some interest from those who saw it advertised online. You will probably also have some curiosity from those who heard about it through the grapevine and want to know more. There are still plenty of people out there who have not heard of your company. This is where local publications such as newsletters, newspapers and flyers come in handy. Look into taking out ad space in local ressources and you could soon be reaching people in their homes, multiple times a week.

With these three things combined, you should have a lot more coverage than before and people will start making enquiries. Embrace technology but don’t overlook the traditional means either. Try new things and look and what works best for you and your business!


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