The Most Popular Jobs Businesses Like To Outsource


There may come a time when you need to outsource certain business processes. Outsourcing to professionals can save you time and money and allow you to focus on other key areas of your business. It is also a great option if you lack certain skills in one area and but are strong in others. You can outsource what you are not good at and it will also boost the overall standard of your work. But, you can’t outsource every task at your disposal. Otherwise, what would be the point in running a business? The trick is to find the tasks that you can outsource that provide efficiencies without compromising on quality. To do that, you may want to look at the most popular jobs that other businesses outsource.  Although this list is not infallible, it is a good starting point if you are considering outsourcing certain jobs within your own company.

Customer Service

By far the most popular job that is outsourced is customer service. In fact, it is that popular that it is a cliché in all walks of life. TV shows and movies have poked fun at this job which is commonly outsourced. But, it is a cliché for a reason. The time and money that you save when you outsource customer service is huge. If you were to try and tackle it internally, you would need an army of people manning the phones twenty-four-seven. At the end of the day, that is implausible because there are other facets of your company that need attention. Outsourcers, on the other hand, only have this one job to focus on. But since customer service is such a vital component to your business success, make sure the company that you outsource with provides high quality customer service. Call in and pretend to be a customer, to check the level of service that your own customers receive. You want the service to reflect your brand in a positive manner.

Marketing/ Advertising

Marketing and advertising are different in the sense that they are specialist subjects. They both need a certain amount of skills and training. This is where most businesses go wrong because they think they can do a better job. The truth is you can’t if you don’t have the experience and expertise required to work in marketing. You are better off giving it to the pros and letting them create a fantastic and effective campaign. It is also difficult to keep up with all the latest trends and changes happening, especially in the social media realm. That in itself can be a full time job – so leave it to the experts if you can.


Most business owners don’t have a recruiting or HR background and may lack the knowledge or skills to put the right people in the right job. A lot of business owners fall into the trap of being reactive instead of proactive, and try to hire too quickly. It is important to take the time to find the right people for your business.

Another common problem that I see, is that a lot of managers end up hiring people that are exactly the same as them, instead of looking for a more diverse skillset or for people that can fill future management roles.  The recruiting process also takes up a lot of time and energy. Some managers and business owners get overwhelmed when they receive hundreds of applications for a position and don’t know where to start.

Why not leave it up to a professional recruitment firm or head hunter? They will narrow down the field for you and present you with pre-screened, qualified candidates.  There are many solid and reputable agencies around.  There are also recruitment agencies that work in niche markets too. You can take a look at an agency like PNP Staffing Group whose magic is finding candidates for the non-profit sector. Recruitment agencies take your job specifications and do all the hard work. The result is that you save time and a lot of energy.


Whether you are a journalistic company or a manufacturing one, you will need copywriters. After all, you need to fill your website and blog with content for your customers. Instead of handing the task over to an assistant or an intern, consider going for a qualified writer. Not only will they produce high quality work, but they will also do it a lot quicker. Writing well is a skill. First impressions count when potential customers are checking out your website or blog. It should be professional and reflect a positive image of your brand.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list. It is just a sample to show some jobs you may want to consider outsourcing yourself.


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