How Your Business Can Show Its Charitable Side


Business owners often wonder about the best ways to give back to their community. While some might only want to be charitable to please their customers, that’s not true for many. Plenty of entrepreneurs want to use their money and power for good, even if they don’t have much of either. You might feel like there isn’t much you can do if you’re a small business owner. But you can still help out by lending your name, resources and time to a charitable cause. If there’s a cause you’re passionate about, here’s how you can get you and your staff involved.

Start Your Own Charity

If you have the time and the drive, you could consider setting up a new charity. You might find that there isn’t an existing charity that you want to get involved with. That could be because you don’t feel passionate about the causes you find or because you don’t support the way certain charities are run. If you think setting up a foundation of your own is the way to go, it could be easier than you think. Check out Wreaths Across America for an example of a charity with direct links to a business. You can do something similar by using your products or services to raise money or donate to others.

Sponsor a Charity Event

Charities often look for brands to sponsor their fundraising events. It can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, giving you exposure. The charity receives funds from you, and you can have your name or logo in various places. If you would like to sponsor a charity event or set up charities that feed the hungry, you can easily reach out to some people local to you. Find out what’s happening during the year of pick a charity you want to support. You can ask them about sponsoring future events and they can discuss it with you. You can even start your own fundraiser for local schools churches or charities. You can ask them about sponsoring future events, and they can discuss it with you.

Donate Products, Services or Money

Another way you can contribute to a charitable cause is by donating something. Although you shouldn’t expect anything in return, you might get recognition from the charity. You might have a product that could be useful to a charitable cause. For example, if you sell stationery, you could donate some to a school. Perhaps you and your staff could also give your time and expertise. A construction firm could lend some of its laborers to a building project, for example. If your products or services aren’t suitable, giving money or time works too.

Raise Money with Your Sales

If you want to get your customers more involved, you could give a percentage of your sales to charity. You could pick a product and tell your customers that a purchase will benefit the charity you have chosen. Make it clear on the product’s packaging or in your advertising that some of your profits will be going to charity. You could even launch a special product just for raising money for the charity.

It’s easy to get involved with a charity if you want your business to do some good. If you can’t find a cause to support, create your own.

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