Hire The Right Person Everytime With These 3 Tips


Employees are an essential part of every business. They can help you be successful, but they can also be the cause of your failure. The difference between the two is whether or not you hire the right people for your business. Bearing that in mind, there are things that you can do that help you to be more successful in your hiring endeavors. What exactly? Read the following three tips below to find out:

Use A Recruitment Agency

Are you an expert in recruitment? Most small business owners don’t have a recruiting or HR background and may lack the knowledge or skills to hire the right people for their business. A lot of business owners fall into the trap of being reactive and trying to hire quickly, instead of taking the time to find the right people. Or they end up hiring people that are the same as them instead of looking for a more diverse skillset or hiring people that are smarter than them.  I often recommend that business owners and managers try and hire people through a recruitment agency. They are great for niche positions as well as for common ones too, that receive tons of applications.  After all, you have a business to run; you don’t want be too distracted by dealing with hundreds of applications to go through. Recruitment agencies do all the work of going through the resumes and screening people to find the ones that best fit for your business.  Some recruitment agencies, like what you see on the Rowlands website,  offer pre-employment checks. This is where they take a candidate and check that everything on their CV is correct, accurate and that they are who they say they are. This can help whittle things down to a handful of suitable candidates. This will make things easier for you whenyou move on to the interviewing stage. Instead of having loads of candidates to interview, you’ve got a select few that are right for the job. It should mean that none of them will waste your time. A recruitment agency can save you time, and help narrow down your search, a win-win!

Interview Candidates With A Partner

You might be inclined to interview candidates on your own. After all, it’s your business; you want to make sure you’re getting the right person. However, you will have more success if you interview them with a partner. Having a colleague with you can help move the interview along and make it run more smoothly. They might pick up on something the candidate says and asks them to expand on it. Or, they could have a question that you didn’t think of. With an extra person on your side, it makes the interviewing experience much easier. Plus, you have a second opinion on all the candidates interviewed. As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Keep The Interview Relevant

The most important thing to remember when interviewing, is to keep the interview relevant to your business and the position that is being interviewed for.  It is also a good idea to ask potential candidates some questions about your company. See if they’ve done their research and show interest in your business. If they don’t, this could be a bad sign as it could show a lack of interest in the position, your company, lack of initiative or motivation overall on the candidate’s part. The questions you ask during an interview should be a combination of different types and styles: experience verification, opinion, behavioral, competency and case. I am not a big fan of the weird or dumb questions that some companies ask to try and trick candidates or to show how clever they are. Unless they are relevant for cultural fit, then I do not see the point.

Recruiting people is an important part of your business. You must have the best employees possible, for your company to succeed. Use these tips and take the time to hire the right people that will end up being ambassadors for you and your company.

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