Cinemagraph – The New Tool for Social Media Marketing

Cinemagraph - The New Tool for Social Media Marketing

Have you ever wondered why it is easy to understand the videos and photos as compared to text? Well, the answer to this question lies in the function of brain. Moving objects are eye-catching and they grab the attention of the audience more easily. They are also easy to comprehend so GIFs, or cinemagraphs can significantly enhance the viewership of any site. Cinemagraphs are currently being regarded as the best tool for online promotion and marketing.

Marketing is based on grabbing the attention of the viewer. It also involves piquing the interest of the viewer. Cinemagraphs can easily accomplish this feat by providing visual enhancement. Originally, this type of promotion was used by Disney or Chanel. Nowadays, it is regarded as one of the most utilized modes of social media marketing.

Instead Of A Superbowl Ad

2015 was considered as the year of cinemagraphs because of its involvement in the arena of social marketing. 2016 is continuing with this trend. The viewers or users of social marketing are attracted by interesting and innovative ideas which are presented to them with a touch of panache. These objectives are easily achieved with the utilization of cinemagraphs. Social media marketing is mainly involved with the adaptation of innovative ideas and implementing them in the practical field. It is also concerned with the enhanced featuring of the product that attract the consumer and ultimately increase the sale of services or products.

Here are some of the ways that you can improve and enhance your marketing strategies on social platforms by using cinemagraphs.

Attract the Possible Consumer on Instagram

We all know that everybody is crazy about Instagram and we can accurately call it insta-fever. In order to market and promote products, marketers are sharing photos of their products on their instagram profiles. This advanced mode of marketing is enhancing the viewership of the products up to manifolds. Cinemagraphs are especially useful for cosmetic products, household category or food websites. It will provide an idea to the consumer that they can also attain their goals by using your product.

Grab the Attention of Facebook Users

Facebook (the most popular social site) is one of the best platforms for the marketers. 1 billion users can be targeted by promoting a product on Facebook. If cinematographs are used, most of this population is guaranteed to be attracted by the promotional services. As a regular Facebook user, I can guarantee that I prefer cinemagraphs over still shots. They seem dead and boring whereas Cinemagraphs are funny and interesting.

Promote your Business on Twitter

Cut to Hashtag

Twitter is very famous nowadays and almost all the celebrities and politicians are using it to communicate with their audience. Although it has limited word count, cinemagraphs can easily convey you message and grab the attention of the consumer. It also provides the first bite of food and develops the taste. As a result, the consumers visit your page and select the product or service according to their requirement.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Emails

An email can be considered as a key object in the field of marketing. It is also considered as an official or professional mode for the marketing of the product. If you want to improve the effectiveness and comprehension of your mail, it is ideal to add some cinemagraphs in it. Let’s take an example; recently I was going through a pile of emails in my inbox. Cinemagraphs and animations which were used in some emails were so interesting that I copied the link and visited the homepage of the company. This is the power of using cinemagraphs, GIFs and animations in promotional and marketing emails.

Make the Banner More Attractive

Have you ever seen an electronic banner? Well, they are mostly found on the websites of famous brand including Chanel, Vogue, Tiffany and Casio. Currently their banners includes cinemagraphs which improves the visibility of the banner. It also helps in targeting a greater number of individuals so that their products can be marketed more effectively. The white dress scene form the legendary movie “TheSeven Year Itch” is being promoted on the occasion of 60th anniversary of the movie. The bellowing white dress (a cinemagraph) was projected throughout social mediaThe result of this strategy was an increase in the number of fans which helped to revive the popularity and publicity of the movie.

What Does A Media Impression Even Mean?

In order to meet today’s marketing challenges, it is essential to use advanced strategies and ideas. This statement is also true in case of social media marketing.Cinemagraphs are an effective means to attain your marketing goals. If you are a social marketer, it is ideal to sharpen your battle tools. Meaningful GIFs and eye-catching cinemagraphs can fulfill the marketing desires of a marketer. They can also improve the sales of the services or product by targeting the extended population. After the detailed explanation in this article, we can suggest that cinemagraphs are the future of social media marketing!


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Eileen Burton is a media and advertising consultant with years of leadership experience. She currently works for a UK-based company offering a personal statement writer service. When not consulting, she loves to immerse in her favorite activity, i.e., blogging on social media, marketing topics.

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  1. This article will let you know about the new tool for social media marketing. You will also know about the new features of cinemagraph from which you can easily engage new users.

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