6 Easy Steps To Build Better Client Relationships In 2016


Business is all about building successful relationships. Some of the most important ones to work on are the relationships that you build with your clients. Every client, whether new or old, should feel special and valued. If you cannot attract new clients and work on building a relationship to keep them coming back your business, it will eventually fail. Make 2016 the year of the client and work on providing value to them. Here are six steps that you can incorporate into your relationship building strategy this year. And they don’t have to cost a lot to be meaningful for the client either.

First Impressions Count

In business, the initial perceptions of a potential client are crucial to everything. It can take some time to build those winning relationships, but a bad first impression could sever those ties before you even get out of the gate.

First Impressions are important whether you are a company with over 1,000 employees or just an employee of one – yourself. It can be hard to compete and stay organized when you are running your own business and you are the only employee. What if you want a prestigious address in various cities around the world? A mail forwarding address can do just this without the need for paying the extortionate rates of running the company from this location.

And if you ever need to meet a client in the area, you can always take them for a coffee or a meal. A relaxed atmosphere can help you to get to know your client better.

Strive For A Better Online Presence

It’s not only about your presence in the physical world. Today’s business climate is geared towards the online arena. Even if your company is solely focused towards the offline audience, gaining a strong virtual foothold is key to being discovered by new clients. If people do not know that you exist when searching for your product or service then it will be hard to build new and sustainable relationships and grow your business over time.

Most clients today will research a company on the internet before setting foot in a physical store. Therefore, a good website is vital. However, it’s equally important that you have good visibility on search engines. Look at ways to improve your local search results and standout online.

Social media accounts can be used to enhance your online perceptions too. The digital arena is vastly important in modern business. Do not underestimate it. Social media is a great tool to build relationships with existing and potential customers.

Invest In Your Team

As a great business owner, you naturally want to take all the necessary steps to stand out from the crowd in a positive manner. One of the most important ways is to hire the right people and invest in your staff. Make sure everyone understands your vision and goals and is helping you to achieve them. As they say, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Recruiting the best staff will provide the perfect platform for success. But it’s equally important that you maintain good levels of motivation in the workplace. A better work atmosphere won’t only lead itself to a better workflow, it also makes for happy clients.

Offer Promotions

We are all accustomed to seeing businesses offer special discounts to recruit new customers. Those special deals are a fantastic method for encouraging a sales boost while also fanning the flames of positivity. However, those efforts shouldn’t stop there.

Gaining new clients is vital, but you shouldn’t forget your existing clientele. After all, these are the people that got the business to where it is today. Offering loyalty programs or special events for loyal clients is a great way to keep your business fresh in their minds. In turn, this should promote future sales.

Improve The Selling Platform

The best way to impress a client is to conduct your business in the best and most efficient manner possible. Do this, and most clients will not have any major complaints. The products and services are paramount. But you shouldn’t forget the importance of generating a pleasurable buying experience.

Upgrading your selling outlets is a great way to improve the general perceptions of your business. This could mean investing in better POS terminals. Alternatively, you may want to improve your ecommerce cart software.

Either way, an easy buying experience will have a positive impact on the client’s dealings with your company.

Show Your Appreciation

It’s easy to dismiss the customer once the purchase is complete. But this is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Follow up interactions can be key to encouraging future business. Besides, it shows that you conduct your ventures in a professional way and care about your clients.

Clients don’t want to be thought of as a pay packet for your business. Going that extra mile can be as easy as sending them birthday greetings. If they like the company and the way you conduct yourself, there’s a far greater chance of future sales.

Look for ways that you can improve the relationships that you have with your clients this year. It can go a long way in gaining new business and retaining your existing business.

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