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Working in the medical sphere has never been easy as there are very high requirements for students, workers and doctors.  If you are located within the Illinois job market or are considering moving there, a popular profession that is currently in demand, is for pharmacy technicians. And the demand for this profession will continue into 2016.

The number of current pharmacy technician vacancies in Illinois has been growing each year.  Some firms that employ pharmacy technicians hire inexperienced professionals, who then get their experience on the job during some practice time. But not all of them do that. There are some places that employ rigid requirements; they are seeking previous work experience and formal training (which makes sense since the position does deal with prescriptions).

What should a person possess to be employed as pharmacy technician in Illinois?

The major demands set by employers are; formal training / diploma or equivalent, the ability to pay attention to details, extensive knowledge about the history of drugs, absence of drug offences or addictions, absence of a felony history and skills in reading and math.

Approximately 37 states offer specialized professional training programs for pharmacy technicians, including Illinois. Illinois’ training program is accredited by ASPH and is usually located in technical and community colleges, schools and, rarely, universities. If you are considering employment as a pharmacy technician then this is the training program that you should consider taking.

A high school diploma is generally the only requirement for entering the training program to become a pharmacy technician. Thanks to this training program, future pharmacy technicians receive all the required knowledge; namely titles of different medicines, their dosages and calculations, laws and ethics of being a pharmacist plus much more.

When you pass the practical component of the program, you will receive some documents: training program diploma, certificate and pharmacy technician’s degree. It is important to maintain your current knowledge and skills in the pharmacy technician field and any certificated pharmacy technician it is required to pass exams and qualify with practice hours (about 20) once every two years to keep their certification valid.

What about salary expectations?

The average salary of a pharmacy technician is approximately $28,000 per year. This can vary depending on the state and if you work in the retail field or another medical industry.

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