Are You Sure You Want A Career Change?


All of us have had a job we hated. It’s a horrible feeling having to go to a place you hate every day and feeling trapped in a role that you don’t enjoy. A change in career can seem like an obvious solution when you’re stuck in a rut. And with a new year fast approaching a career change may even be at the top of your resolutions for 2016. But there are some fundamental things you need to ask yourself before taking this leap. Take a look at the following questions and use them to determine whether it is the right time for you to be making a change.

Do you really want to change?

Work can get boring and repetitive if you aren’t feeling challenged or if you’ve been there for a long period of time. Write a list of positives and negatives relating to your work life and you’ll soon be able to determine what issues you have. It could be your current position, your boss or overall work environment. Consider the reasons why you don’t currently enjoy your work carefully and see what you can do to make it more enjoyable. Maybe the reasons are quite minor, and a quick chat with your manager could fix it. Or maybe you can reduce your hours or if you are in a larger organization, perhaps a transfer to another department is possible. A career change is a huge move, so you need to make sure it is for the right reasons. Consider your options wisely and never rush an important decision. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

What kind of career do you want?

There’s no use changing careers if you’re unsure what you are looking for or even which industry you wish to get into. Consider what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing. Is there something that you’re passionate about? Do you have a unique skill set you could apply to a job? Think about how you would like to spend each day at work. Would you enjoy spending more time travelling or would you prefer working from home? Get in touch with recruitment agencies and set up Google Alerts to get ideas on job roles you could apply for. Or even speak to your boss to see if they can make any alterations to your working situation to make you happier instead. Some workplaces will provide training or reimbursement for courses that you take. See what options are available at your workplace that could help you advance where you are.

Can you afford to change?

A career change can change your entire life. While it might make you happier, it could put a financial strain on you and your family. Think about your current situation and determine how much money you ideally need to make to comfortably support your family.  A career move could change your lifestyle drastically for better or for worse. Research potential roles and enquire about the wages they offer. Knowing the potential salary you will be getting from a career change will be vital. You may also need to start at a lower salary which could potentially lead to more after a couple of years. When starting a new job there can be a delay in receiving your first pay too so it is wise to make sure that you have enough money saved. It can be a struggle if you don’t have any money there to assist you while you wait for your new job to pay.


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