Easy Office Upgrades For A Safer Work Environment


As a follower of HR issues in the workplace, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I am keen on health and safety. It’s something that all employers should take seriously. Not just for the legal ramifications, but also for financial reasons. If anyone ends up sick or injured at work, you will have to pay them, their temporary replacement, plus consider the costs of training new people too.

Now, most employers know the importance of watching out for slips, trips, and falls. And, most will take their responsibilities seriously. But are you doing all you can in your office? Here are some alternative ideas for office safety that are worth some consideration. Doing all that you can, to make your office environment the safest it can be, makes for a better work environment, and also helps to keep employees happier.

Better storage

Most offices have shelves, cupboards, and filing cabinets. But are they enough? Make efficient use of your current space and look for ways to improve upon it with some stylish storage solutions. Consider the adaptability of roller shelving – take a look at http://www.invictamobileshelving.co.uk/ for some great examples. They will make better use of your space and help you keep everything off the ground.

More power outlets

If your office is full of extension leads and multi-socket adaptors, think about increasing the number of your power outlets. Extension leads are an accident waiting to happen. All those wires that trail across the floor, or hide behind desks are the cause of many office accidents. Not only that but they are a fire hazard, too. Overloading your multi-plug adaptors can lead to electrical fires.

Convex mirrors

If your workspace has lots of corridors and corners, think about installing some convex mirrors at the points where hallways intersect. They will help prevent people from bumping into each other when they are going around blind corners. Curved mirrors will prevent accidents – just as they do in blind spots on roads.

Upgrade your radiators

Office radiators are a godsend during the cold winter months- but they are a health hazard, too. First of all, they get incredibly hot, and can burn people when they brush past them. They are also hard to clean, which means dust and dirt build up behind them. This buildup can irritate anyone with allergies or breathing conditions. Try looking at some of these solutions at https://www.contourcasings.co.uk/products/safe-surface-temperature/lst-radiators/. As you will see, there are radiators with heat guards, and also options that flip down for easy cleaning.

Ergonomic furniture

Our last point might not have an immediate impact, but nonetheless, it’s an essential upgrade. Ergonomic furniture and equipment help your employees work comfortably. It also helps prevent repetitive strain injuries or posture problems. Don’t underestimate the damage that these conditions can cause for your business. They affect productivity, increase time off work, and in some cases could have you facing legal issues. Look at your desks, chairs, and workstations, and ensure your staff have training on safe seating and working practices.

OK, so that’s five office upgrades for you that can make your workplace a safer place. Any more to add? Why not share your knowledge in the comments section below?

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