3 Future Digital Career Ideas You Should Think About Right Now


We’re currently living in a digital world. Almost everything we do is done digitally. As a result, careers in the digital industry are very popular. I’m here to talk about three future digital careers that you should consider, and what education you may need for them:

Digital Designer

This job is perfect for anyone with a creative mindset and talent. If you’ve always been good at art or drawing, a career in digital design may be perfect for you. There are a lot of companies looking for someone to design their website or other things. As a digital designer, your work can cover a whole wide variety of things. The most common digital designer job is creating images or designs for a business. You have to have a good working knowledge of Photoshop and any Adobe design applications. As I mentioned, creativity is key!

To be a digital designer, you will need some design orientated qualifications. Most digital designers have degrees in graphic design or digital production. There are courses you can take online that can help enhance your design skills too. With many of these courses, you’ll get a qualification, upon completion, that can help you get a job. Or help you to advance in your current career.

Web Marketer

Becoming a web marketer can be a good career path to go down. Why? Because there is high demand out there for this work. Being a web marketer means your focus will be on digital marketing. More importantly, you’ll be looking at using digital marketing to promote businesses. As a web marketer you gain a unique perspective on how the internet works. You will never look at a web page the same again!

As I alluded to, there will be a lot of work out there for a web marketer. Businesses are always looking to promote and market themselves. But, there are also various ways you can get work. You could be hired by a web marketing agency and work for them. Or, a business could hire you to be the marketing manager for them. Alternatively, you could do freelance work and take any jobs that come your way.

It won’t come as a surprise, but you’ll need to be educated in the art of marketing to become a web marketer. This means doing a marketing related degree or completing some marketing courses. There are plenty of educational resources out there to help people gain a knowledge of web marketing.

Digital Communications Officer

This is yet another highly popular career choice. A digital communications officer handles a lot of different stuff. Mainly, you’re in charge of a company’s digital channels. This includes taking care of social media and running their various accounts. You’ll be communicating with people online and engaging with them to help build relationships. The goal of this is to increase the brand image and awareness of the business. In this role, you’ll likely be working very closely with the marketing department too.

Being a digital communications officer requires a great deal of written expertise. You have to be a good writer, and someone who’s able to come up with original content. As a result, a background in journalism will be a good help here. Also, employers are likely to want someone that’s spent time learning about digital media communications.

As the field of digital communications evolves and continues to grow there will be a lot of exciting opportunities available – some of which did not exist ten years ago.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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