The Right Way To Treat Your Employees This Christmas


By now, you may have already started planning your annual Christmas party, bonuses, and events. It’s a great time to show your staff that you care, and, after all, it’s the season of giving. But, it’s also a period when things can go wrong, and that could prove costly come the new year.

I thought I would take a look at the right way to treat your employees this Christmas. You have to be fair, generous, honest, and – most importantly- wise! With everyone in high spirits, and the opportunity for alcohol to cause friction, you have to be on your toes. Here’s what you need to know.

Be fair

Christmas bonuses, a night out, even thank you gifts. They are all well and good, but make sure you are fair about giving them out. The festive period is not a time for having favourites, and the phrase ‘goodwill to all men’ should be on your mind at all times. So, be careful about dishing out freebies or little extras in the pay packet. All it takes is a slip of the tongue, and you could well have the early signs of a mutiny on your hands when you reopen the office in January.

Be safe

With all the festive cheer around the place, people can tend to forget about the drab and dull subject of health and safety. However, as the boss, you can’t afford to be so lax. Sure, of course, you want to give your employees a great time, but they will be under your responsibility. So, when you choose a Christmas party venue, make sure that safety is high up on your mind. That goes for whether you are going for food or spending a day doing activities.

Be sober

The traditional office party will involve alcohol at some stage, and it will be likely that yours is no different. However, everyone has heard the Christmas party horror stories – and there’s no way you want to end up as one of the main characters in an urban legend! So, as the boss, have a drink if you want to – but certainly no more. And, you would also be wise to limit the amount of alcohol on hand for your employees. They can always go out somewhere afterwards if they want more.

Be prepared

No matter how much you try and limit any mishaps, you have to be ready for them. Most staff will behave themselves without question, and even the rowdier members are likely to be on their best behaviour. Still, it’s wise to have a few words with everyone beforehand to make sure they remember they are representing your company. And, it’s a good idea to have an emergency plan in place should an accident occur.

Have fun

Despite all of the potential worried, you should still try and have a lot of fun. You might end up being the butt of many people’s jokes, but it will be good for your employees to see you don’t take yourself seriously. A little humility never hurt anybody, and it can be great for staff morale to see their boss get involved.

I hope you have a great Christmas party and planning season and that everything goes smoothly.

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