Top-Paying Side Jobs [#Infographic]


Top-Paying Side Jobs - Infographic, Take It Personel-ly

Is your job little more than a way of making money to pay the bills and the mortgage? Are you looking to boost your income and find a meaningful way of spending your free time? Why not take on a side job to make some extra money and make a difference to your life and the lives of others? In fact, many side jobs pay extremely well and are always in demand.

What if you realized that working on the side as a sign language interpreter can earn you almost $40 an hour? It’s an absolutely critical service for the hearing impaired, and there is always a demand. Plus, it’s rewarding for both your pocket and your sense of self-fulfilment. Other side jobs which pay very nicely include software developing, copy editing and freelance photography – there’s plenty of ways in which you can put a strong skill to great use and refresh your bank balance at the same time.

This infographic by All Finance Tax profiles a selection of the best-paying side jobs that are available, as well as examining just how flexible each one is. It might even convince you to think about the skills you have to offer, explore if there are any opportunities available and make some easy money by getting a side job of your own!

Top-Paying Side Jobs [#Infographic]


Colette Cassidy set up All Finance Tax in 2003 and she yearns to bring her many years of experience to individuals, small companies and sole traders at a competitive price. A Commerce graduate from University College Cork in Ireland, she was previously contracted to Microsoft as the Global Financial Shared Services program manager for the EMEA region.

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