Can You Do More To Improve Efficiency In Your Business?


Never has it been so essential to ensure your business is operating efficiently. Efficiency keeps you competitive and it keeps costs down. But striving for those efficiencies can bog you down in heavy strategies that take up all your time and energy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just find those cost-efficient, time-saving ways without it being a big drain on your resources!

Well, it can be a little easier now because I’ve come up with another few ways you can help your business improve its efficiency. When you want to maximize an employee’s output, you have to motivate them to work harder and faster. It is within all of us to pull that little bit extra out of the bag. But for your employees, there needs to be passion, enthusiasm and drive to bring that out of them.

Find out what makes your employees tick. You might try some personality tests or determine just how career-minded they are. Perhaps they’re looking for ways to shine in your company. Can you find a way to help them do that? All humans want something. You just have to find out what your workforce wants from you.

I have mentioned this before, but you really do have to get the best working software that is the best match for your business too. Apps, in particular, can make life a lot easier because the user interface is so practical. If you go to websites like Silver Siphon, you will see that software and app developers exist to solve problems. Whatever is costing you time in your business can probably be helped with a little bit of programming.

Energy bills drive me insane. I am constantly surprised by how much of my overheads are going toward the electricity company. Businesses need to be more energy efficient these days plus it is also better for the environment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to save the planet, or you’re trying to drive your overheads down another ten percent this year. You can do it with green thinking. Install solar panels, improve your lighting with LEDs, or insulate your office for the winter. You’ll be stunned what little changes can do for your bottom line. Another easy way to make your business greener and save money at the same time is to switch to a green energy supplier. There are many green energy providers to choose from, so it’s best to compare your area’s different rates and choose the best green energy plan for your business. For example, suppose you live in Connecticut. In that case, you will want to head to a website like and compare the various electricity providers in CT to get the best possible energy deal for your business.

Many businesses are still not keen on letting employees work from home. However, this can save you a lot in overhead costs, and could save you sick days too. Plus the option to work from home is a great employee benefit and can even improve productivity. Some roles may require a different way of telecommuting but I’ve seen that target oriented workloads are often met when staff can be spared a tough commute into the office. Very few people need a boss breathing down their neck to motivate them to get their work done. And who cares if they were in their pyjamas when they did the work?

If you can see problems in your business that need to be solved, then invest your time and energy into solving them. You could save many man-hours and thousands of dollars for your efforts. Sometimes an audit of processes can be quite an eye-opener for this type of thing. See where you can tighten your business belt this year by implementing more efficient working practices.

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