The Power of Project Management [#Infographic]


In many industries, tasks and deadlines can surface and sink without much warning, and it takes a certain type of manager to see tasks to their completion. Enter the project manager – an employee granted full authority to plan, manage, and execute a given scheme. This type of manager often influences every facet of a project, from its inception to its implementation.

Naturally, when looking to fill a position that requires such responsibility, an employer does not take the decision lightly. A potential project manager must be of a certain caliber to handle the stress and demands of the job while also having the necessary skills, including the ability to effectively lead others.

Using project management-related job postings from, Udemy zeroed in on the qualities that employers most often requested from candidates. Their analysis revealed valuable insights about highly sought-after skills. Udemy also surveyed employees who have worked with project managers in the past to illustrate a clear picture of the successful project manager: a communicative, analytical leader.

The following infographic from Udemy shows the Power of Project Management and the Importance of Leadership.

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