U.S. Top 10 Most Popular Careers for 2015


U.S. Top 10 Most Popular Careers for 2015, Take It Personel-ly

As society develops, people change, and so do the careers that they choose. Some job markets areas are affected by medical advances, changing of the population or economic changes. Technological development provides a lot of new vacancies in various fields, as well as making significant impacts on the workplaces. One more thing that often affects the job market is the media – TV shows and movies that focus on certain topics attract attention to specific jobs and careers.

Here is a list of the ten most popular careers in the United States for 2015 – it is predicted that the number of job entries in these fields will increase during the next 5 years. You can find all sorts of job vacancies at JobTonic as well.

US Top 10 Most Popular Careers for 2015

Medical Sphere Vacancies:

1) Medical Assistants will be needed to perform both clinical and administrative tasks at the offices of different medical professionals like ophthalmologists, physicians, chiropractors and other specialists. The salary for this category can go up to $20,000.

2) Physical Therapist Assistants have a median salary of approximately $52,000. They work with disabled people and people with limited physical functions. Due to an increase in work of this nature, there is a wide gap of professionals that the medical system is craving for.

3) Physician Assistants perform primary healthcare procedures, as well as therapeutic services. With a median salary of about $80,000, it offers a lot of job entries.

4) Dental Hygienists. Today’s healthcare makes an emphasis of the retention of natural teeth and supporting oral health, and thus opens a lot of opportunities for hygienists. General responsibilities are examining teeth and gums, administering x-rays and removing deposits. Median salary – up to $40,000.

5) Medical Records and Health Information Techs. Healthcare records are important clues for the evaluation of healthcare progress and general management. The two main growing areas here are information management and medical tests, so pros in the sphere are welcomed. Expected median salary – $32,000.

Other fields:

6) Fitness Trainers. Being healthy is being fit, and lots of people are paying more attention to their leisure and health nowadays- attending group and individual training sessions in aerobics and other fitness classes. Fitness instructors have more job opportunities now, and a median salary of about $31,000.

7) Network System Analysts. Being trained to solve the problems connected with computer technology and networks, analysts are needed in IT companies all around the world, and the U.S. in particular. The promised median salary is $56,000.

8) Database Administrators. In today’s technological world most companies and organizations depend on the availability of data. Database administrators manage the most relevant data, organize the database and make sure everything is secure and stable. Median salary is $67,000

9) Software Engineers. With the great growth of the IT sector, software engineers are needed for creating and supporting operations and systems. Median salary is $77,000.

10) Veterinary Technicians. As the general healthcare is progressing, so is veterinary care. Vet technicians take care of animals while diagnosing medical conditions and administering tests. Median salary is $30,000.

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