RV Travelers: Working From The Road


Want to travel the country by RV?

Exploring the world by RV is a dream come true for many people, but most people don’t want to wait until retirement. Trying to find a job and conduct a job search from the road is hard enough, but maintaining a job while traveling in an RV is now a possibility.

Through telecommuting and freelancing, it’s possible to earn a living while seeing the world. JobTonic.com is one site with job openings that will offer you an opportunity to work in your RV.

A few of the most popular jobs for RV travelers are:

Campground Work

Campgrounds often require immense cleanup and maintenance throughout the year. These jobs offer a slew of possibilities and don’t require a high level of education. As an RV traveler, you’ll find:

  • Seasonal work
  • Work for RV parks
  • Work for national or local parks

The ideal job would land you in a position with a large park owner that has locations in multiple cities.

Freelance Work

The perfect choice for an RV traveler. Freelance work is the way that most people have been able to travel the world and work. One couple out of Canada even did something unique: they started designing websites for campgrounds and RV parks around the world.

A few of the many freelance positions available are:

  • Web design: From HTML to CSS, you’ll be responsible for creating websites that are dynamic and user-friendly.
  • Web developer: PHP, Java, Python and ASP are the hottest skills a web developer can know. Working with web designers, developers build the back end for many of the world’s biggest websites.
  • Graphics designers: With just a laptop, you can travel the world and make stunning designs along the way. Freelance online to make logos, site mockups, banners, adverts and more.
  • Writers: Blogs and businesses always need a writer that can put together words seamlessly. Writers can work from anywhere, and there’s little startup funding needed.

Technical skills allow freelancers to make $40,000 – $100,000+ from the comfort of their home – or RV – anywhere in the world.


Many jobs are seasonal or location-based. With telecommuting, you’ll be able to travel anywhere while making a yearly salary. Telecommuting is a job mostly dedicated to the technical field and comes in a variety of different positions, such as:

  • SEO advisor or manager
  • Network administrator
  • Computer programmer
  • Graphics designer
  • Copywriter
  • Data entry

Telecommuting is the dream of most RV travelers. In this line of work, you’ll never be hindered by seasonal work or part-time work that keeps you in one geographic location.

Starting with money saved is the ideal choice for any traveler. Being in different locations all the time will make it difficult to find a job no matter your skillset. The ideal job will be telecommuting as you won’t need to track down new clients or work as you would with freelancing or working for parks.

If you’re an expert in a field, you can also consider consulting and traveling from country to country or state to state as your clients demand.

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