56 Top Social Media Tools for Business [Infographic]

56 Top Social Media Marketing Tools Infographic by SMWriting on Take It Personel-ly

Social media tools and apps are a necessity when running an effective social media strategy or campaign. They are needed to create and schedule content and then measure the results.

There are 1000’s of social media tools to chose from and it can be overwhelming to decide which to use and why.

The following is a great infographic from Social Marketing Writing by Mitt Ray showing the top tools available for your social media marketing needs. (Of course, as a HootSuite Ambassador, I highly recommend using HootSuite as part of your social media marketing.)

The infographic is broken down into various categories and includes pros and cons of each tool and app.

I would love to hear which ones you have tried and which ones listed below are your favorites. Besides using and loving HootSuite, I also love using SumAll, Bitly, Canva, Feedly, Listly, Flipboard, Pocket, Google Drive, and IFTTT.

Are there any Social Media Tools or Apps that you use that are missing from this infographic?


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