Leadership and Followership is About Finding Your Dance Floor



As many of my regular leaders know, I love participating in tweetchats on Twitter. Tonight on #TChat I had the opportunity to hear some great insights on Values Based Leadership by Mark Fernandes.

During the blogtalk radio show, Mark said something that resonated with me. He said that “leaders need to find their dance floors in their work and personal lives.”

What does it mean to “find your dance floor“?

It is all about finding your passion, your voice, your raison d’être.

When you find your passion, voice and raison d’être then you can inspire others.

Passion is contagious. Passion helps to translate vision and mission.

It also made me think of the “Leadership from a Dancing Guy” video by Micheal Hughes. If you haven’t seen it, click play below. Finding your dance floor doesn’t always come from leaders. It also comes from followers.

What are you doing to find your dance floor?

“Leadership from a Dancing Guy” posted on Youtube by Michael Hughes

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