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I ‘met’ Greg Richardson through various Twitter chats. I have always enjoyed his insights in the chats and his blog. Greg’s writing is clear and makes me think on a deeper level.

I was thrilled when he approached me, asking if I would trade guests posts with him. Thank you, Greg.

I used to think that the joy of work came at the end, that work was about results.

My focus was on getting things done. On every project, I worked hard to avoid mistakes and accomplish goals as efficiently as possible. When I completed a project, my only real question was, “What’s next?”

I became excellent at exceeding other people’s expectations.

The challenge for me was that work never seemed to end. There was always more, always another project, always something that could be done more efficiently.

I had never really thought about work being joyful.

Then I had an opportunity that changed everything for me. I worked on a project with people who recognized the joy of work. Their understanding of work, and their joy, were contagious.

I learned about the power of joy. I began to follow their example.

I came to appreciate that my frustration was not just that what I did was not helping me be more joyful. Joy was not even a factor for me. I did not know how to think about joy and work.

We can take joy in accomplishing our goals and completing our work, but that is only the surface of joy. The joy of work goes much deeper than that.

There is joy in doing good work. It does not depend on the outcome. There is joy in each day, each moment of work done well.

As we work together to make just decisions, to build straight walls, to preserve the past and prepare for the future, to put our shared core values into practice, we share the joy of work.

Where is the joy of work for you?

How will you bring joy to your work today?

Greg Richardson is a leadership and organizational coach, and a spiritual life mentor, in Southern California. He is passionate about bringing out the best in people, listening, and monks and monastic life. Greg is a recovering attorney, executive, and university professor. Greg’s website is and he is on Twitter at @StrategicMonk. You can email Greg at

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  1. letsgrowleaders – Karin Hurt is a keynote speaker, leadership consultant, and MBA professor. A former Verizon Wireless executive, she has over two decades of experience in sales, customer service, and HR. She was recently named on Inc's list of 100 Great Leadership Speakers, AMA's 50 Leaders to Watch in 2015, Top Thought Leader in Trust by Trust Across America. Her next book, Winning Well: A Manager's Guide to Getting Results-Without Losing Your Soul is being published by AMACOM in April 2016.
    Karin Hurt says:

    Excellent post. I call it “skipping to work.” So important.

    1. Chantal Bechervaise – Outaouais Region - Canada – I blog about everything surrounding the world of work and how it intersects with personal life. Topics include: HR, Leadership, Social Media, Technology, Work-Life Balance, Employee Engagement, Workplace Culture and Achieving Success and Happiness. It is all about your own personal balance and what is appropriate for you. I also love the outdoors and reconnecting with nature.
      Chantal Bechervaise says:

      Thank you Karin!

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