Have You Chosen Your Future?


Have you thought about the future? What is your expectation of the future: for yourself, your career, your family? How do you envision your environment? (i.e. community, society, etc)

Do you have negative expectations of the future? If you do, then watch out! Your subconscious and conscious choices, thoughts, feelings and habits are all leading you in that direction. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. You will begin to get what you think about.

You probably have dreams too. You hope to go places…have a successful job, big home, family. Don’t those dreams count even though you have negative ones too? Yes they do count but it is not enough. Dreams and vague hopes are not choices.

You have to make a choice. A choice is a definite, concrete, conscious decision that leads to new attitudes and behaviors. It takes you away from the part of you that says ‘maybe’ and ‘I hope for’.

Making choices will help to change you. You will begin to say no to what you do not want and yes to what you do want.

The more clear choices that you make, the more energy you direct towards your goals. It is the power of these consistent thoughts and actions that bring positive results. Consistency leads to achievement.

Take the time to think about what you hope will happen then start making choices to make it happen.

“Make the decision, make it with confidence, and the world will be yours.” -Jaren L. Davis
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  1. Everything we do in life stems from the choices we make.

    When you make your choices try to make them from the heart- trust, confidence, intuitive and creative.
    Making choices from the mind is usually logical, reasonable, linear, and safe.

    Again the choice is yours.

    Lead from Within
    Lead with Heart
    Lolly Daskal

  2. When we make our choices, we have no one else to blame if the choice was a wrong one. Instead, own up to the mistake and keep moving forward.

    We create strong minds and build confidence in ourselves when we exercise power over our choices.

    Have a great weekend!

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