Help Employees to Believe in Themselves

Sticky Believe In Yourself

Employee Engagement is such a hot topic for HR and organizations. My inbox at work fills up with surveys and articles on how employees do not feel motivated at work. What are we doing wrong?

I think that HR and those in Leadership roles need to help employees believe in themselves and the work that they do. Employees need to know that you have faith in their ability to do their jobs well. It also requires commitment to help support employees when times are tough. Staying positive is key.

Here are some simple steps to help instill this can-do attitude in your employees:

• Help employees set career goals that they can control. This can include some training and development, access to a mentor or a coach, or maybe even job swapping/sharing.

• Recognize employees for their achievements. Something as simple as a pat on the back and ‘good job’ work wonders for employee morale.

• Help employees learn from their mistakes. Don’t point fingers and play the blame game. Failure provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember we all make mistakes sometimes – nobody is perfect.

• Give your time and energy to others in the workplace. Everyone is busy at work but making time to help others achieve success creates a positive work environment. A side effect of helping others is that you feel good too.

Leaders who encourage others to believe in themselves are leaders whom others want to follow.


  1. Great article Chantal.

    I work very closely with many HR directors, I am usually brought into organizations, when they want the employee engagement scores to go up.

    I am always amazed at their reaction when I ask them if their employees have a say, if their employees feel included, if their employees feel recognized and appreciated.

    The SECRET to high scores in employment engagement is letting people know they MATTER.

    Lead From Within

  2. I’m enjoying your blog Chantal. This is such a valuable reminder for HR and Leadership around the globe. Truly “RECOGNIZNG” employee potential is only acomplished by living the behaviors. In this case, words are meaningless unless followed up by actions and consistency from leaders and employees taking an active part in forming this workplace culture.

    I appreciate your presence every week in the #TChat World of Work Community. We are learning every week along with you. Let’s do this.

  3. These are really good points, Chantal. If more leaders and mangers acted in these more conscious ways, the results would be phenomenal.
    It is sometimes very difficult for a leader or manager – or anyone else for that matter – to change a life-long behavior pattern based simply on a logical reason or a likely better outcome. However, when the manager is aided in becoming self-aware of what’s behind their pattern of not openly acknowledging or appreciating a subordinate’s work done well, I find that the old pattern has a better chance of being replaced by a better one. It is all too common for people to grow up in an environment where they were expected to do good work, with no positive feedback for their good work. Of course, the only feedback that came was for failing to do good work.

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